This timeline illustrates the main activities carried out so far within the framework of the RADIUM Project

Creation of RADIUM labs – April – September 2021
Tendering procedures to purchase equipment for laboratories at each BY HEIs have been initiated. The activities are carried out within the WP3 and aimed at developing infrastructure to support RADIUM Master program.
1st study visits to EU partners: training on Nuclear Chemistry and Physics at HSMA (Mannheim) – from 12th to 16th July 2021 (WP2.2)
Knowledge transfer activities for the Belarusian personnel (WP2 activities) are planned in the form of 4 study visits to EU HEIs. The first one, held online, focused on Nuclear Chemistry and Physics and involved 14 professors from 4 Belarusian partners.
Launch of task forces – 5th July 2021 (WP3.1)
Three task forces, radiation protection, chemistry and physics, nuclear safety, have been formed. The members of the three groups, including EU and Belarusian professors, will be supervised by a core team. The Belarusian component is in charge of preparing an inventory of the existing teaching and learning material and starting preparing the ECTS fiche for the courses to develop as per the curriculum draft, whereas the EU academicians will supervise and lead the work in compliance with EHEA principles.
2nd QAC Meeting – 16th June (WP6)
The leader of the WP Quality Assurance, the Polytechnical University of Valencia, updated the committee on the QA handbook revision and presented the project monitoring, as well as the steps for the first formative evaluation report.
The Policy Paper has been finalized – 5th June 2021 (WP1)
The Policy Paper on promoting Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Culture education in Belarus based on European Union best practices and international standards has been finalized and published on the RADIUM website. It encompasses the needs analysis, research of the first months of the project and main findings of the roundtables held between March and April.
2nd General Coordination meeting – 27th of May 2021 (WP7)
This general meeting gathered online all people involved in RADIUM project at different levels. The Coordinating Institution took this opportunity to present the project status, next deadlines and activities to carry out by December 2021. Paola laid emphasis on the midterm report. During the meeting, the Belarusian HEIs presented the main findings of the roundtables organized between March and April. The Belarus State University presented the steps done and the one to do for the opening of the RADIUM Master in Belarus, as well as the final version of the Policy Paper, to which all partners contributed in the previous months. In the end, info and updates on the next training in Mannheim, Covid-19 and related travel issues were given.
Roundtables with stakeholders - from the 25th March to the 8th April 2021 (WP1)
A cycle of meetings with stakeholders have been held at 5 BY HEIs. These events aimed at establishing a platform for discussion and interaction between academic world and nuclear industry, collecting proposals and ideas regarding the competences required by the labour market and re-designing the curriculum.
2nd Steering Committee Meeting – 18th March 2021 (WP7)
The 2nd Steering Committee meeting presented the proposal of a new activity: the training on EHEA principles and tools organized by UNIBO. The external experts, selected by the coordinating institution, presented themselves, and UPV exposed the QA theoretical plan and handbook. The meeting ended with the presentation of the Internal Communication Plan.
First meeting of the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) – 4th March 2021 (WP6)
The leader of the WP6, UPV, presented the Quality Assurance (QA) Plan and Quality Monitoring (QM) Handbook to the committee and explained the role of external experts. The Committee agreed on reviewing the sections of the Policy Paper (WP1) related to monitoring credit allocation and quality assurance and on how to review the QA Plan and Handbook in the following weeks.
General Meeting on Equipment and tender procedures – 18th February 2021 (WP3)
Ad hoc meeting on equipment and tender procedure to better define the list and the modalities. The negotiation and definition of the lists through ad hoc meetings and emails exchange lasted until May. The tender procedure is planned to be finalized by the end of the summer.
First Steering Committee Meeting – 16th December 2020 (WP7)
The meeting focused on some pending issues concerning the equipment, the policy paper, the communication and dissemination plan. During the meeting, all participants have been informed on the procedure to sub-contract the external experts and voted in favor of setting up two working groups: networking &dissemination and gender &inclusion.
RADIUM Kick-of meeting – 23rd -24th November 2020 (WP7)
First large scale project event involving 52 representatives of RADIUM consortium, as well as France Dantin, project officer of EACEA and Antonella Ratti, Officer of INDIRE – Italian Erasmus+ National Agency, took place in the on-line format. A draft of RADIUM policy paper “National Nuclear Safety requirements: a map of the Belarusian education system and the connection with the labor market” (Deliverable 1.3.), “Project communication and dissemination plan.” (Deliverable 5.2.), as well as RADIUM labs creation (Deliverable 3.5.) have been discussed.
Cycle of bilateral coordination meetings with UNIBO – 5th-9th November 2020 (WP7)
As coordinating institution, UNIBO has arranged a cycle of bilateral meetings with RADIUM partners aimed at introducing the Local Project Management Support teams (LMST) to recently appointed project manager at UNIBO, Paola Di Marzo, as well as monitoring the progress in mapping the needs & opportunities of Belarusian HEIs in the sphere of RP&NSC (activity 1.1.).
RADIUM project approved and registered – 27th July 2020 (WP7)
In accordance with the Belarusian regulations on international technical assistance (ITA), the RADIUM project has been submitted for approval to the Commission on International Technical Cooperation under the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus on 6th of April 2020 and has been successfully approved and registered in the Ministry of Economy of Belarus on 27 July 2020 under the number 2/20/001095 of 27.07.2020
Project planning meeting – 23rd January 2020 (WP7)
First RADIUM event gathered all Belarusian Partners and the coordinating institution, the University of Bologna (UNIBO). The event was aimed at discussing first steps toward project implementation. Partners have been informed on the national procedures of project approval and registration.