To promote a qualified education in Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Culture (RP&NSC) in Belarus, the RADIUM partners will

1. Map the Belarus Nuclear Safety Standardslabor market needs & educational proposals and develop a Policy Paper that take into account the EU best practices and international standards; 

2. Train the Belarus’s academic staff in Nuclear Physics & ChemistryRadiation Protection, Nuclear Safety Culture at EU Higher Education Institutions; 

3. Design and implement the “RADIUM” Master, in line with Bologna principles, in cooperation with EU partners, accredited by the Belarus’s Ministry of Education and adopted throughout the Country.

100 Belarusian students will attend four 2-weeks summer schools at the EU partner Universities to test the topics in which the EU HEIs are specialized and contributed to develop for the new RADIUM master: nuclear safety, natural radiationwaste management, radiation protectionradiation Physics and nuclear chemistry. 

Similarly, a winter school will be held in Minsk to assess RADIUM Master program by involving 2 students and 1 professors from each of the EU partner HEIs. 

Moreover, dissemination and exploitation activities, quality assurance procedures and management process support the overall design and implementation of RADIUM project.