Communication and Dissemination

This Work Package (WP5) is exclusively dedicated to the promotion of the RADIUM project nationally and internationally, online (with website and social media ) and offline. The general aim is to make the project achievements visible and replicable, both in Belarus and all over the world, and to strengthen and ensure the connection and exchange between the RADIUM partner HEIs and between the Belarus HEIs and the labor market world. 

More specifically, these objectives will be achieved through the following actions: 

Communication and Dissemination Plan

The Dissemination & Communication Plan presents the methodology, tools and channels to be used by all RADIUM partners while carrying out dissemination activities to promote the project and its deliverables to target groups. The document also includes the project visual identity, the guidelines to identify stakeholders, the rules and procedures related to communication and dissemination management.

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RADIUM methodology

After th project promotion at local, national and international level, a handbook on the RADIUM project methodology will be prepared. It will be downloadable from this website at the end of the project  to ensure repeatability and sustainability.

Sustainable connections between Belarusian academic HEIs and associated partners

RADIUM envisages a number of activities entailing interaction with stakeholders and associated partners that shall be considered as Dissemination events. The first dissemination event is linked to the Round tables (within WP1) and took place in spring 2021. During these regional meetings with stakeholders, the discussion revolved around the requirements & constrains in training specialists in Radiation Protection &Nuclear Safety, project promotion and opportunities arising from its implementation, support and inputs from national and regional stakeholders in designing the RADIUM Master Program.

In order to increase the interest among companies and authorities, a National Conference (as part of WP2) is planned to be organized in spring 2022. The National Conference was conceived as middle step toward launching the Master program and therefor shall unite representatives of all target groups identified in the Dissemination &Communication Plan. When the curriculum of RADIUM Master program, as well as the educational content are ready, the project workplan foresees a series of local Information seminars aiming at presentation of RADIUM Master to stakeholders (WP3). Such seminars are planned for June 2022 and aim to foster sustainable connections with stakeholders and associated partners, arrange internships and employment opportunities for RADIUM Master students and graduates.

To attract students, a RADIUM Master enrolment campaign is foreseen in spring 2022 by  Open Days for prospective applicants and future employers; virtual visits to the RADIUM labs, quests and interest-attracting contests, info-session in classrooms, distribution of printed materials.

At the end of the project, a close-out meeting has been planned. Besides the administrative and management purposes, the event will have a public dimension with open sessions and presentations of results.