Educational content for the Master

This work package 3 optimizes the results achieved in WP1 and WP2 by offering the conditions necessary to develop and implement new teaching units and didactic activities in Belarusian partner universities. Thanks to an increased awareness of the local labor market and MS academic needs (WP1), and to the improved teaching skills and practices (WP2), Belarusian partner HEIs will be ready to develop and implement the new teaching units. The specific aims of the WP3 are: 

  • Designing the education program (3.1) by developing new bilingual (English/Russian) teaching units and learning materials, and to validate them both as a self-completed Master course, and as modules to be integrated into existing Master courses, in the three RADIUM areas: Radiation Chemistry and Physics (3.2), Radiation Protection (3.3), Nuclear Safety (3.4); 
  • Designing and installing the equipment at the 6 Belarusian partners to suit the courses (3.5 
  • When the curriculum of RADIUM Master program as well as the educational content are ready, the project workplan foresees a series of local information seminars aiming at presenting RADIUM Master to stakeholders (3.6.). Such seminars are planned for June 2022 and aim to foster sustainable connections with stakeholders and arrange internships and employment opportunities for RADIUM Master students and graduates. 
  • Getting the master accredited (3.7) by the Ministry of the Education in Belarus  
  • Testing the effectiveness of new training methods via 4 pilot 2-weeks summer school for Belarusian students in July 2022 in Bologna, Hasselt, Mannheim, Valencia