Knowledge transfer in EU best practice

This set of activities, part of the Work package 2, focus on building the expertise of the Belarusian partner HEI and in promoting the RADIUM project at national level.

WP2 – Activity 2.1, National Conference

The National Conference will be organized in spring 2022 and will be combined with a students’ recruitment campaign in view of the RADIUM Master opening. In that occasion, national stakeholders, national and international experts are foreseen.


WP2 – Activity 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, Training of Belarussian academicians in Chemistry and Physics (2.2), Radiation Protection (2.3) and Nuclear Safety Culture (2.4)

To improve the preparation of Belarusian teachers and make them ready for the new RADIUM Master program, personnel from all Belarusian HEIs has been selected to attend trainings at 3 EU partner institutions:

  • Chemistry and Physics in July 2021 at the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim (HSMA); Mannheim, Germany
  • Radiation Protection in September and October 2021 at the Hasselt University (UHasselt); Hasselt, Belgium
  • Nuclear Safety Culture in October 2021 at the Polytechnical University of Valencia (UPV); Valencia, Spain

Despite their difference in content, all the trainings will focus on the relations among didactic, research, and innovation policies in the realm of RP&NSC.

WP2 – Activity 2.5, Training on the European Higher Education Area principles at UNIBO

The RADIUM Master will be developed and implemented in line with Bologna System. Nevertheless,  Belarus is a new comer in the European Higher Education Area and some related principles and tools are still unclear in terms of implementation. Therefore, UNIBO will organize a training for the Belarusian staff in charge of academic offer and program design.