Nuclear Chemistry and Physics - Staff training at the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim (HSMA)

The topics covered by the Staff Training organized by HSMA are Nuclear Physics and Radiochemistry, with connections to specific Radiation protection elements, and in particular:

  • fundamental working principles of detectors for ionizing radiation; 
  • radiation shielding, the inverse square-distance law; 
  • spectrometry of alpha-, beta- and gamma-emitters; 
  • activation Analysis, Decontamination, Carriers, Tracers, the use of Radionuclide Generators; 
  • application of radiochemical separation techniques as well as of radioanalytical techniques. 

The training methodology combines theoretical demonstrations, presentation of previous experiments and experiments’ simulation shown in real-time broadcast. 

The training took place on the 12th - 16th July 2021 in virtual mode. 

The Agenda of the training and the activity report can be downloaded in this section.