The Work Package 7  Management” (WP7) aims to guarantee the successful implementation and conclusion of the project, to set up an efficient and cost effective internal communication strategy, to coordinate the overall project management and financial administration. During the lifetime of the project the consortium will hold 6 general meetings , three-monthly Steering Committee (SC) meetings and a close-up meeting.

So far the following management meetings have been organized:

  • Kickoff meeting on the 23rd and 24th November 2020.
  • 1st SC Meeting the 16th December 2020.
  • 2nd SC Meeting the 18th March 2021.
  • 2nd General assembly and SC meeting the 27th of May 2021.
  • 3rd SC Meeting the 8th September 2021.
  • 4th SC Meeting the 21st December 2021.
  • 5th SC Meeting the 28th February 2022.