Policy on Radiation Protection& Nuclear Safety

Being the RADIUM preparation phase, this work package laid the foundations for the next ones and the development of the educational content and standards.  

During this phase, a detailed investigation on the specific features and educational needs in the area of Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety in Belarus has been carried out, together with an analysis on the related local labour market.  

Detailed map of National Nuclear Safety requirements and labor market needs  

The Belarusian State University  assessed the information, needs and challenges in Radiation Protection &Nuclear Safety Culture (RP&NSC) in Belarus, as well as on the related labour market, in full collaboration with the other  five Belarusian universities and in coordination with the four EU partners. Each Belarusian partner produced a report with main findings on the current gaps within the Belarusian Higher Education system and particularly in the MS courses related to the subjects of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection, as well as the current methodology of teaching nuclear-related topics, the Belarusian legislation on this matters and the labour market possibilities in the nuclear industry. 

Roundtables with local stakeholders 

At the end of the needs analysis, each Belarusian partner University organized a roundtable inviting relevant local, regional and, in the case of Minsk-based institutions, national stakeholders. Enterprises and authorities had the opportunity to know about the RADIUM project, to provide inputs to finetune the Policy Paper drafting and to express their availability in hosting the RADIUM Master students as interns. 

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Policy Paper promoting Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Culture education in Belarus 

As a result of the two previous activities, a comprehensive policy paper that serves as a general reference document for the training of teachers and for setting up the Master program in Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Culture was drafted and published.  

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