The RADIUM Master in Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety is structured in three modules: nuclear Chemistry and Physics, Radiation Protection, Nuclear Safety. The disciplines within one module form similar competencies.

The 1st semester will start at Belarus State University and  continue at Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, western Belarus.

The 2nd semester will continue at Polessky State University and Francisk Skorina Gomel State University  (GSU) and will end with the Radiation and Environmental Internship that will take place on the basis of Polessky State Radioecology Reservation and will be supervised by GSU Professors.

The 3rd semester will begin in Minsk at BSUIR and, during this time, students will start their Scientific Research Internship at the National Academy of Sciences, Belarusian nuclear power plant or companies with  radiation and environmental profile, depending on the students’ choice. The last part of this semester is at Polotsk State University, in northern Belarus.

For the last and 4th semester, students will go back to Minsk, at BSU for two last courses, one of them taught by RADIUM EU partners.

During this semester, the students will complete their Master's thesis and can choose the location for their Master work among the 6 HEIs. The students will carry out their research work (“Academic Research”) simultaneously with the courses of the 1st, 2ndand 3rd semester . This work includes theoretical and practical research in laboratories whose results might be used by students for their Master Thesis.

Please note that the disciplines composing the RADIUM Master will be published at a later time, when the partner HEIs will finalize the educational content.