For Applicants

The RADIUM Master in Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety is targeted to students with a sound technical background. To be eligible, students must have been awarded a Bachelor (4 year) or Specialist (5 years) Degree, be sufficient in English and meet the programme-specific requirements. The Degree from previous university studies has to include courses in Physics, Chemistry, Ecology, Mathematics. The selection process will be based on a total evaluation of the university ranking and study performance in key subjects. Priority will be given to students registered at RADIUM partner universities but the admissions are open to anyone meeting the requirements mentioned above, regardless of color, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion or disability. All students will be involved in common learning environment that is obligatory and guaranteed by the Education Code of the Republic of Belarus and the Concept of inclusive education development in Belarus.

It should be noted that a student can enroll in RADIUM Master of Science without holding a Bachelor’s degree in Radiation and Nuclear Safety. For example, a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Physics, Engineering (electrical, chemical, etc.) or Informatics could be sufficient to comply with the admission criteria. In that case, the Master’s program has to provide these students with specialized courses covering core themes such as reactor physics, nuclear thermal hydraulics, nuclear fuels and materials, nuclear safety, nuclear power plants and radiation, while avoiding duplication for students holding a Bachelor’s degree in abovementioned educational fields.

Detailed information on enrollment in RADIUM Master will be available once the recruitment campaign will start, in Spring 2022.