1° module of In-depth session on Evaluation Criteria


On Friday 4th of February 2022, Radium Consortium has launched an In-depth session for the Belarusian Professors of the future Radium Master on how to formulate Evaluation Criteria linked to learning outcomes, to be included in the teaching Syllabus.

This initiative is part of our work for the Development of Educational Contents for Radiation Protection & Nuclear Safety Culture Master program and specifically of Activity 3.1 “Forming 3 Modules Task Forces - Developing and Approving curricula schemes”.

The In-depth session will provide a practical guidance to the Belarusian Professors and will consist of two modules: during the first introductive part, concrete methodology and examples on how to formulate Evaluation Criteria will be presented. Belarusian Professors will then be asked to work together in groups to draft Evaluation Criteria schemes for their own courses, that will be eventually presented and discussed during the second module.

Our idea is to build on concrete examples of similar courses held in our EU partner Universities, than can be immediately put in practice and replicated by the BY Professors for their courses.

The University of Hasselt will lead the session in cooperation with the Belarusian State University and Alma Mater Studiorum-Università di Bologna.

To learn more about our activities for the development of Radium Master, visit the dedicated page on this website.