Second in-depth session on Evaluation Criteria


Last Thursday 10th of March, we held the second in-depth session on Evaluation Criteria linked to learning outcomes for the Belarusian Professors of the future Radium Master.

During this session, each Belarusian partner Institution presented the schemes of Evaluation Criteria drafted for their courses, as a result of the group works carried on during the previous weeks. The results were then commented among partners and recommendations for further improvement were made by the activity leader University of Hasselt. This initiative is part of our work for the Development of Educational Contents for Radiation Protection & Nuclear Safety Culture Master program and specifically of Activity 3.1 “Forming 3 Modules Task Forces - Developing and Approving curricula schemes”. The aim is to acquire a practical knowledge on how to write the Evaluation Criteria in connection with the end competences (learning outcomes), in line with EU standards.

The final versions of the Evaluation Criteria schemes produced by Belarusian Professors will then be integrated in Radium Master Syllabus. To learn more about our activities for the development of Radium Master, visit the dedicated page on this website.