Belarusian State University

The BSU, a leading national university in both the general status and the project domain expertise, is responsible for coordinating the project on the national level. It tackles the issues of project national approval & registration in Belarus as well as manage annual reporting to the Ministry of Economy of Belarus on behalf of all BY project partners. Being involved in the implementation of the National program of training specialists for Belarusian Nuclear Industry, the BSU has established very close relations with industry representatives, governmental bodies and international community. Therefore, its main task is to ensure a broad involvement of stakeholders on the national level. The RADIUM Master network program will be managed by BSU, including acceptance of applications, coordination of teaching & learning process, organisation of extra-curriculum activities (Internships & study visits) and diplomas’ award. It will also manage the centralized tender for purchasing the equipment for RADIUM labs.

The BSU being a leader of the WP5 Dissemination is responsible for development of methodology (Communication & Dissemination Plan) as well as tools (project web-site, Social media accounts, Newsletter, etc.) and will be coordinating activities of all project partners aimed at promoting the project and its’ deliverables to target groups on the National level.