Francisk Skorina State University

The GSU is known for its high educational potential being one of the largest research and development, academic and cultural centers of the Republic of Belarus. It is located in the south-eastern part of Belarus in the capital of the Gomel region, the area which was very much affected by the Chernobyl disaster. Being a classical university the GSU is offering academic programs in both sciences and humanities on the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral / Post-Doctoral Levels. The GSU has in its structure the Research Institute of Physic-Chemical studies, since 2006 the Center for Collective Use on Environmental Monitoring and Study of the Composition and Properties of Matter (CCU "Isomer") has been functioning as a part of four research laboratories: "Physical chemistry and technology of micro- and nanoscale systems"; "Physics and chemistry of polymers"; "Monitoring of ecosystems" and "Mass spectrometric analysis". The Center is fitted with unique scientific equipment, employing highly qualified specialists conducting research work. The GSU has 14 research laboratories engaged in scientific research work in various fields of knowledge, including the international Chinese-Belarusian scientific laboratory for vacuum-plasma technologies. The GSU is taking part in Belarusian share of project activities and as a leading university in the region it is responsible for promoting the project results among the respective stakeholders.