Polessky State University

The PolesSU is an innovative type founded in 2006 and located in the heart of the Polessye region of Belarus. PolesSU provides training on the Bachelor, Master and PhD levels. The university is the creator of the innovative and industrial cluster in the field of biotechnologies and “green economy” for scientific, technical, innovation and business activities which was registered on EU cluster platform in 2018. PolesSU is a classical-type university and consists of 5 faculties including 13 training, scientific and industrial research laboratories, a publishing center.

The university structure includes the Scientific and Technological park Polesye. The PolesSU is taking part in Belarusian share of project activities.

Members of project team at the PolesSU have profound experience in the field of radiobiology, radioecology and radiation medicine, took part in liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl disaster and investigated its effects on human health. The area of scientific interests of team is related to the study and development of ways to overcome the effects of ionizing radiation on human health and biosystems, and remediation of contaminated agricultural areas. PolesSU will take part in the development such subjects as Environmental Monitoring, Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation and Nuclear Medicine for Human Health within the framework of the Radiation Safety module of the new Master's program.

In the framework WP5 Dissemination the PolesSU is responsible for communications with respective stakeholders based on the current methodologys.