Polotsk State University

The PSU is one of the top 10 Universities in Belarus in such fields as research, innovations in higher education, internationalisation, and strong relations with business environment and society. PSU has a number of campuses in the key cities of Vitebsk region: Novopolotsk, Polotsk and Mezhdurechye. It has two academic departments which to be involved in RADIUM project: the Department of Physics and Energy and the Electronic Engineering Department. Both departments have capacities and expertise in training students in the fields of Energy, Green Energy, Electronic Engineering, Radiation and Nuclear Physics. The departments are involved in research and teaching on the Bachelor, Master and PhD levels. The both departments carry out joint research into the development of plasma sources of charged particles -electrons and ions, producing simulations for radiation protection designs, alternative energy sources and nuclear safety and risk management. The PSU is taking part in Belarusian share of project activities and in terms of dissemination is responsible for communications with respective stakeholders in the Vitebsk region.