University of Bologna

The UNIBO has a long tradition in the nuclear sciences, starting with the specialization school in nuclear engineering of the early 60’s, followed by the full 5-year nuclear engineering program by the second half of that decade. Through the 80’s, Bologna has been the leading Italian University in reactor physics. The Department of Industrial Engineering comprises competences in all areas of nuclear interest: from nuclear plant, to reactor physics, to radiation protection, to medical and industrial applications of radiations. It is responsible for the M.S. program in energy and nuclear engineering.

As a project coordinator the UNIBO carries out the overall coordination of project activities. At the same time, as a leading Italian University in reactor physics, UNIBO shall offer its unique expertise to assist BY HEIs in the design of the RADIUM Master and in the set-up  of RADIUM laboratories. The UNIBO will be also hosting a 3-days training targeted at RADIUM Master coordinators on EHEA principles to embed in the Master program. In the framework of WP5 Dissemination the UNIBO is considered as a main communication & promotion point with EACEA.