Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

The YKSUG is a major regional university of a classical type which is considered as a complex integrating all academic activities and infrastructure. It is located in the Western Region close to the Belarus Nuclear Station. YKSUG offers academic programs via 15 faculties, 72 departments and 4 colleges on all levels of higher education as well as train doctoral and post-doctoral students. The YKSUG has up-to-date analytical equipment for carrying out different kinds of research. Each year more than 200 scientific projects are carried out at the university, 60% of them has practical goals. Over 140 projects of young researchers win on Republican Scientific Work Contest each year. Research results are used in industry sector, more than 1000 articles are being published in around 600 foreign and local peer-reviewed scientific journals including top-rated publications from Scopus and Web of Science data bases.

The YKSUG is taking part in Belarusian share of project activities. Due to it location it is responsible for organizing the visit of RADIUM Master students to the Belarusian Nuclear Station during the 3rd of project implementation. What relates to the WP5 Dissemination it will be responsible for constant communication with local stakeholders aiming at promoting the project results in the Grodno.